“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I am Josine Olivia

For years I have been living my life behind a mask.

In fact, I was wearing multiple masks.

Like a chameleon, I found myself constantly adapting to the environment in order to function and survive.

With family I was wearing the mask of the smart and 'good girl' whom they could be nothing but proud of.

In my jobs, I wanted to be known as the most loyal and hard-working employee.

For my friends as the warm and welcoming friend that was 24/7 available.

And in romantic relationships, I felt like I always needed to be the charming, beautiful, funny, supportive and sexy girlfriend.

Combined with low self-esteem, a heightened sensitivity and a very empathic nature my life was so exhausting.

It took me a relationship in which I got completely enmeshed with the other,

to wake up to the fact that I was a complete stranger to myself. 

Ever since, I have been pulling off all those masks.

I got to learn that there are also sides to me that are far from 'socially acceptable' (what Carl Jung called the 'Shadow').

That sometimes, I have to disappoint my parents, whenever I make choices that do not align with their views on life.

In work, I learned that being perfect isn't always necessary. I no longer need to perform at all costs.

I had to get comfortable with saying no to friends reaching out when I did not have the emotional space myself.

In relationships, I learned that everyone is responsible for their own feelings and for expressing their needs clearly.

No need for me to 'save' them.

The only one I need to save is myself.

Having been confronted with my own shadows, I also got exposed to my true light.

Living life now, as my most authentic self.

All of you is welcome here.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

It is crucial in becoming whole again.

Are you ready to take of your mask(s)?




"I have experienced the online session given by Josine while she was at a beach in Australia as very special. She could really tune into me and brought certain issues to my attention that I could work with. Very special was our difference in age, I estimate that to be around 40 years. She then knew how to get to my bottleneck in a couple of words. Grateful for that".

-Annette,the Netherlands-

(Family constellation session)


"Josine has this incredible way of creating a trusted feel-good environment which makes it easy and possible to share your personal story and any challenges you might face. She furthermore gave practical exercises that were easy to implement in day-to-day life.

The topics that we discussed in the sessions I had with her really made me reflect what life and being myself is really about.

I can highly recommend working with Josine!"

-Therese, Germany-

(Three coaching sessions)

"Josine has already helped me a great deal returning to my true self. For a long time now, I have had the feeling that the life I was leading was not meant for me. I reached out to Josine for help to guide me. I am amazed and fascinated by her kindness, her professional guidance, and above all, her ability to let people feel entirely accepted for who they are. She does not judge: she takes away the burden of feeling ashamed for something you have done or emotions you do not want to cope with, and therefore she gives you the possibility to look with kinder eyes at yourself and others. I have never felt so aligned with myself before – she will guide you through your own process of self healing and development, but only you have the key to transform yourself and take the first steps onto the life path you want to lead. She has taught me to let go of the presumed control of your life and be free: you have endless possibilities in this life, do not restrain yourself! I would highly recommend Josine as a guide to help you get rid of your fears and to restore your faith in life."

-Esmee, The Netherlands-

(Long term coaching)


"What a remarkable experience. Josine knows how to take you deep within yourself. She is able to read you and brings this across in a clear and calm way. Pure and from the heart. During the meditation it felt like she was with me, very special given that we were almost 16,000km apart! After the session I felt so at ease, an inner peace.. and so powerful at the same time. Nothing could knock me off my feet, nothing could take away my inner power! So very thankful for this amazing experience."

-Jane, The Netherlands - 

(Womb meditation)


The way in how the session is given by Josine stimulates your inner soul in a peaceful way. The session gives you a comfortable feeling to let your energy flow and to come in touch with your inner soul. The session highly contributes to self-reflection and inner peace. I would recommend anyone to follow sessions with Josine."

-David, The Netherlands-

(Reiki and intuitive reading)


"Whenever I have a session with Josine about a personal issue, even when I feel completely overwhelmed by my emotions, she manages in an instant to make me take a step back and see the situation from another angle. Her advice is good, deep and efficient. Being guided by her is really helpful."

-Charlotte, France-

(Long term coaching)

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Frequently asked questions

What does a session with you look like?

To me, there is no such thing as a typical session. Because I work intuitively, a session is specifically attuned to your needs at the time of us meeting. The session will start with you telling me about your issue or question. Whatever comes up will serve as the starting point and from there I draw from all the tools I have acquired over the past few years. This can range from a reiki healing to emotional awareness, inner child work, family constellations, energy management and mindfullness to name a few. Therefore I expect you to come in with an open attitude when working with me and you have to be willing to be okay with not knowing how things will go beforehand.

I want to have a better connection with myself, where do I start?

Start by becoming aware of what is going on for you on a mental, phsyical and emotional level as often as possible throughout any given day. What does your body feel like? Are you holding any tension? What thoughts are going through your head? What is the quality of your thoughts? What emotions are present? Did they just come up or have they been building up? By asking yourself these questions you can start to gain control over your behaviour. Instead of doing things on autopilot, over time you will be less reactive and more responsive to how you deal with life.